How to participate

The first step is to register. Note that this is NOT a social networking site: it is, as explained in other parts of About this site, a working site designed for those who want to actually do practical research about celluloid film, or keep abreast with what others are doing here. The registration procedure reflects that reality (and recently changed so as to do so).

To register, send an email to:


with four pieces of information:

  1. Your real name
  2. Your email address
  3. What user name you would like
  4. A brief explanation of why you would like to be a part of the research site

Your account will be created as soon as possible, usually within a day on weekdays. You will be sent an email informing you of that fact, and giving you a password which you are free to change once you have logged on.

Only your user name will be visible to other users of the site.

Registering will enable you to read any of the pages that have not been restricted by the researcher who created them, and to enable you to post comments.

If you would like to participate in the ongoing research, send an email to email AT handmadefilm DOT org briefly describing your interest and background, and we'll make you part of the research team!

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